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The Defense of the Domestic Life of the Messiah, Volume One

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Volume 1 of this 3-Volume Series, The Defense of the Domestic Life of the Messiah, lays the foundation for understanding the Presence of the Messiah; His current and future work among us; and the purpose and value of the Domestic Life.

In defending the polygamous marriages of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, this book begins with the controversy surrounding the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s personal life. It then travels the timeline of the history of the Nation of Islam, which started in North America in 1930, in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad declared that he met God “in Person;” whom he said revealed that the Black People of America were the Chosen People of God; and that this declaration, combined with God’s presence among us, fulfilled the Messianic prophecy mentioned in Genesis 15:13. Based on the Messianic prophecies, the Messiah arises from among God's Chosen People as their savior and deliverer. Hence, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad declared that he was raised by God as this Messiah.

This book analyzes the prophecies related to the Advent of the Messiah described in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three of these great monotheistic faiths have the Prophet Abraham and the Prophesied Messiah at the foundation of their religious doctrines. Although doctrinal differences among these religions involve the identity of this Chosen People, all doctrines agree that the Messiah’s work involves three primary objectives: 1) the redemption and reformation of God’s Chosen People; 2) the judgment of this current world; and, 3) the establishment of God’s Eternal Kingdom of Peace through HIS Chosen People. This book pursues the objective forging agreement among areas of disagreement.